How To Stay Safe When Using Social Media

  • April 17, 2014
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Modern day technology has come a long way in the last 10 years, with social media being a leading contender by advancing the way we communicate with family and friends. Long gone are the days when the only way we could have a natter with family would be to pick up the phone.

We have put together a check-list on how to ensure you don’t promote yourself as an easy target via social media.


What Can You Do To Help Prevent Becoming A Victim?

Going on holiday? Be careful not to advertise the fact that your property will be empty. Posting similar statuses to ‘Only 5 days until we go to Spain’ gives potential burglars the knowledge that your property will be unoccupied on exact dates.



Tips To Help Deter Burglars

Alarms are great, but opportunist thieves act quickly. Physical security products such as window grilles not only act as a visual deterrent, they also offer a high level of security to vulnerable windows & doors.




Keeping Your Private Life Private

When setting up a social media profile check your privacy settings. If your profile is set to public, anybody who searches for you can view your posts & photos. It’s simple to change the settings so that you only enable friends, or friends of friends, to view your profile (



The Aftermath of Being Burgled

Can you imagine coming home from your summer holidays to find your home has been ransacked? The feeling you would have at the pit of your stomach knowing strangers have trawled through your personal belongings and stolen items that have an irreplaceable sentimental value. We all think it will never happen to us, but it does, so act before you become a victim!



Keeping a Clear Balance Between Social Sharing & Safety


Social media is fun and gives you a chance to stay in contact with friends, family and acquaintances around the globe. While not posting anything online is the safest recourse, it’s not necessarily realistic. However, there are ways of minimizing your risk.


  • Post pictures from holidays and other events when safely back at home.
  • Avoid location check-ins and people “tagging” you at locations while you are there.
  • Recheck your security settings on social media sites every couple of weeks. Some sites change their settings frequently and may opt you in to sharing things with others without your consent.
  • Use obscure security questions on your online accounts where the answers can’t be found on any social media platforms. Otherwise, make up a completely false answer that only you will know.
  • Use different passwords on your various accounts. This is especially true on any online banking accounts.
  • Turn off the GPS function on your phone when you aren’t using GPS. Some apps include your GPS location in your posts automatically when you post from your phone.


Social media is more popular than it has ever been, but that means the risks have increased dramatically as well. Always be aware of what you share online and who can potentially see it. A little care goes a long way in keeping your property, bank accounts and email accounts safe from those that are looking for easy targets.

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