Top 5 London Cities With The Highest Crime Rate [Revealed]

  • October 20, 2015
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We all worry about the risk of being burgled or mugged, but which cities should we avoid living in to help lower the risk?

We’ve put together a list of the 5 cities with the highest crime rate and it makes for interested reading…

5) Lambeth

Lambeth is a London borough in south London, England, which forms part of Inner London. Its name was recorded in 1062 as Lambehitha (“landing place for lambs”) and in 1255 as Lambeth. It currently stands at position 5 and counts for 9.95% of all crimes in London. Anti-social behaviour heads up the most common offence committed with violence against a person a close second.

4) Camden

The London Borough of Camden is a borough of London, England, which forms part of Inner London. The southern reaches of Camden form part of central London. The local authority is Camden London Borough Council. With its bustling market, and ‘creative’ fashion sense, Camden has always been a lively city in which to live. With anti-social behaviour top of the offences list it can also be a somewhat ‘lively’ area to live in.

3) Islington

Islington, once a neglected inner city spot up until the 1980’s has grown into one of the most sought after postcodes by both residents and visitors alike for its rich, upmarket and thriving culture. With a 10.54% crime-rate (based on the overall % of all crimes in London) & violence against a person being the most common offence committed, it can be, at times, a dangerous place to live.

2) Kensington & Chelsea

Kensington and the Kensington area is in West London , or to be more accurate in the South West Corner of the City Centre of London. This is a very desirable area to live and surrounding and neighbouring areas include Hammersmith Westminster, Brent and Wandsworth in fact Chelsea is now a part of Kensington. Nearly 11% of all crimes committed in London occur in Kensington & Chelsea. Anti-social behaviour is once again the crime with the highest level of re-occurrence with violence against a person a close 2nd.

1) Westminster

At the number one spot is Westminster. Westminster makes up a staggering 18% of all crimes committed in London with over 1300 offences of anti-social behaviour recorded in August alone.

Last three months trend

June July August
62527 63352 59489

Where does your city rank?

London boroughs

Borough Crime count Crime rate %
Westminster 4059 18.50
Kensington and Chelsea 1718 10.83
Islington 2172 10.54
Camden 2279 10.34
Lambeth 3015 9.95
Tower Hamlets 2371 9.33
Hackney 2235 9.08
Southwark 2585 8.97
Hammersmith and Fulham 1599 8.76
Haringey 2143 8.41
Newham 2435 7.91
Barking and Dagenham 1410 7.58
Lewisham 2000 7.25
Greenwich 1771 6.96
Waltham Forest 1792 6.94
Hounslow 1735 6.83
Brent 1988 6.39
Ealing 2150 6.35
Croydon 2303 6.34
Hillingdon 1695 6.19
Wandsworth 1847 6.02
Enfield 1868 5.98
Bromley 1731 5.59
Barnet 1989 5.58
Havering 1318 5.56
Merton 1056 5.29
Redbridge 1464 5.25
Kingston upon Thames 807 5.04
Richmond upon Thames 909 4.86
Sutton 860 4.52
Harrow 1035 4.33
Bexley 871 3.75

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